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How to choose 360 degree camera.

The only one in the world!  360 degree Clear view in the distance.

Train Car Camera. No.1 sale.

Car Rooftop Panorama Camera. No.1 sale.

New! 12MP Car-top 360 degree camera

Self Powered 360 degree Surveilance System

360° Megapixel Camera

Equipped with a newly designed fisheye lens, we offer a true 360-degree camera that can capture large and clear images all around the side of the camera.

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The first in the industry! 360° Clear View in a distance.

Although 360° camera is excelent in the cost performance, it is inferior in the long-distance monitoring due to a distorted image from a fish-eye lens.
OPT Corporation, basing on our unique concept, invented a very high resolution fish-eye lens, which enables to clearly recognize an object in a distance of 100 m.

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Media Checker

Media Checker can offer a CD/DVD disc which has no trouble of play by checking and managing a damaged or ground disc.
It can be connected easily to a PC via USB, and the state of the CD/DVD disc is judged easily by high-speed measurement.

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