Self-subsistent 360 degree Surveillance Camera Unit

◆ 360° Network Camera installed.
◆ Monitor omnidirection by one camera.
◆ Solar panel installed: Self power generation system
◆ No power supply construction required
◆ Cable laying work unnecessary

These kinds of requests can be fulfilled.

 ◆ to monitor places where power supply is difficult.
 ◆ to see pictures from remote places.
 ◆ to avoid troublesome wiring work.

Ideal for the following applications;

 Widely troublesome wiring work for power supply and data transfer;
    ◆ Monitoring in mountains, rivers, border and coastal area
  ◆ Management of farmland (agricultural crops / livestock)
  ◆ Monitoring places such as disaster sites that are in danger of entry.
  ◆ Wide area such as Airports and stadiums

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