Ultra High Resolution 12M Camera ~ 360° Clear View in a long distance

Only a 360° camera mounted with our super high resolution fish-eye lens can provide clear view even in 100 m ahead.
We dramatically improved the image quality at the long distance that any conventional 360° camera is inferior to.
As for the urban style surveillance camera in the future, leave it to our NUD360-F.

360° Megapixel Network Camera 超高解像度360°カメラ
Model: NUD360-F

360° camera should provide clear view in a fringe area.

Due to the characteristic of the fisheye lens, the image in a fringe area is compressed on the conventional 360° cameras. Therefore, the picture becomes very coarse when being expanded or dewarped electronically. The fish-eye lens we newly developed realizes high resolution while achieving sufficient height in a fringe area. It enables a long-distance surveillance in all 360° directions.

Image quality compared with other 360° camera

Our camera provides very clear view in a distance in all 360° directions.

Image quality compared with other 12M fish-eye cameras

Comparing with competitive 12M pixel fish-eye cameras, our NUD360-F is superior in a long distance view in all 360° directions.

Sample Video(MPEG4 image)

Installing NUD360-F facing down on the 12 m high pole at the corner of the very wide 4 roads crossing.
The roads are 55 m wide and the diagonal width is 96 m. NUD360-F provides 360 degree clear view even in a long distance.

Best camera for the urban surveillance

This camera is connectable to the IoT cloud survice "ANYSENSE®" from NTT Data Corporation.
(Contact for ANYSENSE: anysense_sales@kits.nttdata.co.jp

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