An omnidirection camera with a fisheye lens has many advantages over ordinary cameras.

(1) All around view by one camera
  → no blind spot
  → can reduce the number of cameras
  → can reduce the construction cost
  → can reduce the load of monitoring
  → easy to check the flow lines

(2) Because of the electronic PTZ
  →  a long life with no moving mechanism
    ×  conventional camera with mechanical PTZ: 5,000 hours
    ◎   360° camera with fish-eye lens: 75,000 hours     (based on the MTBF)

(3) Excelent Cost Performance
  → because of covering a wide range by one camera, possible to reduce the number of cameras.
     → can reduce the construction cost
     → can reduce the number of monitors and load of surveillance

In other words, omnidirection cameras may be more profitable in places where multiple ordinary cameras are required.

A cheap directional camera is sufficient for the use at narrow and long places such as corridors and places where you want to monitor pinpointly. However, at the intersection of corridors, cameras are needed in each direction. If you use a fisheye camera, you can shoot in all directions by installing one at the intersection.
When it comes to stores, an owner wants to see not only the inside of the store, but also the cashier's hands.
With a fisheye camera, it is possible to do that with just one camera.

【can reduce the construction cost】

The installation cost per camera is the same for both general directional cameras and omnidirection cameras. In other words, if the number of installations is large, the construction cost will increase by the number of units. Also you have to monitor as many screens as cameras. The monitoring system becomes large-scale. These loads can be reduced by using a fisheye camera.

【easy to check the flow lines】

In addition, the fisheye camera has a wide shooting range, which is convenient for flow line management. When a crime occurs in a city, the criminal is tracked by connecting several images from fixed cameras personally installed, but a fisheye camera has a wide shooting range and makes it easy to track in one image.
It is convenient for managing the flow lines of workers and people in factories and stores.

By using the fisheye cameras and the general cameras in places that suit their characteristics, you can minimize the unmonitored part while keeping costs down.

However, even with such a convenient fisheye camera, there are some drawbacks.
Images taken with a fisheye lens appear distorted because they radiate from the center of the lens. You can make some corrections with software to make it look in the easy-to-look aspect ratio, but you cannot completely remove the distortion.

Also, with a normal fisheye lens, the image quality deteriorates because the resolution of the lens decreases and the image height collapses as it goes to the periphery of the lens. Although the central part of the lens looks beautiful, the outer part is disappointing.
Therefore, even though the angle of view of a fisheye camera is 180 degrees, the range that looks beautiful is only about 130° at most.

With our NUD360-F, the image is not crushed and the resolution is high even at the lens fringe area, so it looks beautiful over a long distance.

With conventional fisheye lens cameras, the image height was crushed at the lens fringe area , so when it was electronically magnified or expanded in good-looking aspect ratio, the image became very rough.
Then, we created the best lens for 360 ° entire circumference viewing with high resolution and high recognition even at 100 m ahead.


Only OPT Corporation's NUD360-F provides clear view in 360°all directions at the lens fringe area of 180°view angle.

When the range you want to monitor is wide, NUD360-F is advantageous.
Wide range monitoring with a smallest number of units = outstanding cost performance

We compared fisheye cameras equipped with the same high-resolution sensor (12.4 million pixels). Lens characteristics cannot be expressed by the numerical values in the specifications, so please make a correct judgment on this site.

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