Newly developed Rooftop type 360° Camera 
~ The side 360° of the camera can be shot clearly.


  • Equipped with an specially designed fisheye lens with the industry's largest depression angle (20 degrees), it captures a field of view of 220 degrees + 360 degrees. It is installed on the car and reflected to a certain extent on the road surface.
  • With the patented technology, the image height around the lens has been increased to improve the resolution, making it possible to capture large and clear images all around the side of the camera.
  • Equipped with a high-resolution color CMOS sensor with 12.3 million pixels.
  • Digital output of clear images from USB. You can operate and check images by connecting directly to a PC. Even during image transmission, there is no image deterioration.
  • The camera always outputs a circular fish-eye image, which is developed in real time by a special application in the latter stage. Image expansion includes circular images, zoom images, 180° x2 panorama images, vertical panorama, etc. It is also possible to specify the position freely with electronic pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) and extract and output a part.
  • Non-stiched solid image. Fast dewarping.
  • Low failure rate (long durability) because there is no moving mechanism for PTZ.
  • All-weather dustproof and waterproof (IP66), impact resistant (IK10) polycarbonate dome.
  • Installation on the car is easy with strong double-sided tape or magnets.
  • Compliant with JIS D1601
  • With IP unit sold separately, conversion to IP is also possible.

Example of 360 degree view by 12MP PLC220-12M (MP4 image)

An example of a video taken while driving with the PLC220-12M on the roof of a vehicle.
With a super wide angle of view of 220 degrees, you can clearly shoot the front, back, left and right of the car and the sky. There is no image distortion or loss of resolution in the periphery like a general fisheye lens.

Resolution:4032x3040, Frame Rate: approx. 11fps

Lens peripheral= side of the camera is large and clear in view.

Please refder to another video here.

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Viewer software for PLC220-12M; PLCViewer is available in this site.

You can download from here.

Exaple of using Video Mapping Software Vmap-Ⅲ(MPEG4 image)

Video has been taken by PLC220-12M.
This is dedicated software that combines location information (latitude, longitude, and time) acquired using a GPS receiver during shooting with map information. You can shoot 360-degree images and display them as you like.

Video mapping software Vmap is a licensed product. One license is required for each PC.
User's manual is downloadable in this site, but the installer should be purchased from the dealer.

Note 1: The video examples above have been converted to MPEG4 format, so the resolution may differ from the actual video.

Note 2: The latest version does not have a brightness adjustment function. Additionally, image dewarp speed has been improved.

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