Examples Fisheye camera view

Sample Video 1(MPEG4 image)

Installing NUD360-F facing down on the 12 m high pole at the corner of the very wide 4 roads crossing.
The roads are 55 m wide and the diagonal width is 96 m. NUD360-F provides 360 degree clear view even in a long distance.

Sample View 2 (MPEG4 image)

View at a road intersection somewhere in Japan.
Installing NUD360-F facing down on the 4 m high pole at the corner of the intersection.
With the exclusively designed smart application software, the operation of the camera is easy and smooth.

Note 1: Even if the movie play does not start by clicking the play button ▷, please try to click the YouTube logo shown at the right bottom corner of the screen.
Note 2: As the above sample movies are converted into the YouTube(MPEG4) format, its resolution differs from the actual camera view.
Note 3: Advertisements shown after the sample movie do not relate to us.


Night views at the same intersection above. (JPEG snapshot image)

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